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Adventure Guides UK is a friendly event-management service specialising in outdoor learning events and residentials.

Team building challenges with Ignition Events come in all different guises!

The corporate activities offered by Adventure Guides UK are designed and run by associate professionals, all of whom are experienced providers of corporate events – magical adventures in Cumbria and inspirational bespoke events anywhere in the UK.

We design and facilitate powerful company away-days; run team-building residentials and provide conference and training bolt-ons that energise delegates. So if you are looking for something completely different, try a Lakes break or one of our signature adventures closer to home. Your team won’t progress in a comfort zone – teams learn and develop when challenged, so where better than away from the office desk.

Team building events with Ignition Events come in all different guises!Our motivational events are activity journeys packed full of fun and are all about doing – quite simply the best way to learn. Your delegates will experience real light-bulb moments along the way, and the lessons learned are genuine take-aways for your company.

It’s all about enabling and empowering teams through task ownership. This results in positive outcomes and an inevitable bonding through shared experiences. Our inspirational training activities become windows on effective communication, organizational skills and unlocking real leadership potential.

our aim is to ignite the spark in your team


Rafting during team building with Adventure Guides UK

The Lakes are dramatic and inspirational; events here create motivational memories that thrive back in the workplace.

Team events focus on performance and working together better. They’re crammed with hands-on problem solving that accelerates effective communication.





Team building activities by Adventure Guides UK

Team building activities by Adventure Guides UK

Menu of corporate adventures

Choose from one of our adventure activities, each designed to focus on different aspects of your team’s performance. Or have a bespoke session tailored to your individual needs as a team.

team building
harnessing people skills
EXCALIBUR – puzzle network

team working
performance improvement
KUDOS – active business simulation

problem solving
working under pressure
PANDORA – complex security/strategy

organisational leadership
unlocking potential
IGNITION – teams initiatives circuit

managing change
innovation & planning
SKYFALL – call-out/intension & rocket

taking ownership
getting everyone on board
BLACKHOLE – complex search/recovery

working better together
EUREKA – auction construction

exceptional service & care
sharing a vision
CRYSTAL – water bottling company

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All activities are assessed for risks to health and safety, along with site-specific risk assessments

Planning your event

Contact us for an informal, no-obligation chat. Once we’ve understood your needs, we can advise you on the best choice of session for your team and give you a quotation.

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