Walk facts

  • Distance: 35 miles
  • Difficulty: Non-technical walk, but challenging due to length
  • Start & finish: Ingleton to Grassington (or vice versa)
  • Route: Ingleton > Ingleborough > Horton-in-Ribblesdale > Malham > Kilnsey > Grassington
  • OS maps required: Explorer Series 1:25,000 sheets OL2.

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Photos of landmarks along the way to help guide you
At-a-glance linear route maps for various stages, to use in conjunction with your OS maps

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About the Limestone Lion Walk

limestone-lion-malham-cove-300x215This a challenge walk and the challenge is:
Can you do the whole 35 miles in 24 hours?

The Limestone Lion is a 35-mile challenge walk from Ingleton to Grassington, established in 1976 as a classic long day’s walk or an ideal weekend wander through the Yorkshire Dales.

The walk was originally designed to complement and form a companion walk to the Three Peaks of Yorkshire. It was intended to divert some walkers off the eroded footpaths of the Three Peaks and onto a different challenge. It follows a natural limestone faultline and links some of the finest and most beautiful limestone features in the country.

Do the Limestone Lion Challenge Walk by Adventure Guides UKYou can walk this route in either direction – the choice is yours. You will need OS Explorer map OL2 1:25,000 scale.


Jon Ginesi

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